Your favorite classics at Play World!

We all have our few favorite classic games, from the original Super Mario to the rare gems that maybe you only love. Well guess what my friend? Play World may just have that game that you haven’t been able to get off your mind. And it’s not just games that we carry or just the Nintendo brand, Play World has an amazing variety of classic games and consoles available.

Looking for that hard to find Sega Dreamcast? Play World has them in stock. The Sega Dreamcast was revolutionary for its time, with amazing graphics and the first console to offer a built in modem for internet play. Its library contains many games considered creative and innovative, including Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio and Soul Caliber. This was one of my favorite systems and it was a shame they were so short lived.

Also available is the Sega Genesis. I may receive a lot of criticism for this, but I think this system is arguably better the Nintendo. I was the only kid out of my friends with the Sega, as all my friends went with the Nintendo. But with the better graphics, I couldn’t resist. And with the great sonic franchises that rivaled the Mario franchises I wasn’t totally missing out on all the fun. And who didn’t want to be able to play mortal kombat and be able to see the blood! Couldn’t do that with Nintendo!

And of course Play World carries Nintendo! Arguably the console that started it all! We not only carry the original Nintendo with your favorites like Mario, Zelda, and Contra, but also the Super Nintendo and N64 as well. These systems carried some of the best games in the history of gaming and put the standard on what gaming should be. Man just reminiscing about these makes me want to play some of them right now!

So stop in to Play World today. We have these as well as Playstations 1 and 2 as well as the original Xbox to keep the classics alive. You can also check out our new store on Ebay as well for some lost gems that we may not have on the shelves.

classic games

classic games

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