Two great dirt bikes at Play World now!

Spring time is almost here and you know what that means. Warmer temps, longer days, and more time outdoors with friends and family. What better way to enjoy that time then on some dirt bikes! In at Play World now we have hours of enjoyment for you and your kids with these two excellent condition dirt bikes!

2002 Yamaha WR400F

The WR400F is a stand out trail bike for those that have some experience and like a fast bike. A lot of people have owned this bike have said it’s pretty much bulletproof! With low maintenance required and very little issues besides your routine oil change. This is guaranteed for hours of trail ride and off roading fun that will surely wash those winter blues away. And at the low Play World price that you’ve come to expect and enjoy, you won’t feel guilty about spending a little money on yourself. This is an all around excellent bike but don’t take our word for it, check out this link and see for yourself!

Dirt BikesDirt Bikes

2003 Honda XR 50

This 2003 Honda XR 50 is a great beginner or kids bike. Some parents are a little hesitant on purchasing a dirt bike for a child but this particular model is good for kids for several reasons.

1. Honda has a foot rear brake. Others have only hand brakes. A kid’s hands aren’t especially brawny and pulling a hand brake lever especially after a crash or two has packed the cable with grit, can be hard. This your child can simply stomp on the big lever and lock the bike up. In my opinion, safer. Plus, some kids in a panic might grab the front brake instead of the rear brake if both are on the handlebars. Trust us, kids panic and get confused from time to time. (Every parent knows this)

2. The 50 has a 3 speed tranny with auto-clutch. You get the best of both worlds. When the kid’s first getting used to throttle/brake, simply put the bike in 2nd gear and forget about it. They’ll ride all day long without needing to know about shifting. You can even start these things in gear. Until they learn about shifting, this method can be used. Maybe not the best for the tranny/clutch but you’ll wear out kids faster than you could wear out this bike. These bikes are amazing. When they mature a little, introduce them to shifting.

3. Cool Factor. Let’s face it, kids want to look cool. Who wouldn’t? Inverted forks, tank shrouds, spoked wheels, and color themes all combine to make the bike look awesome.

Dirt Bikes


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