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Sell your used phone at Play World! Let’s be honest friends, technology is always advancing. Every 6 months it seems a new version of your favorite phone is coming out. A lot of us honestly just can’t keep up. It’s a new era in cell phones. People are choosing no contract plans now more than ever. Although this can be very beneficial on your monthly bill, sometimes you miss out on the upgrades. If you do want to get a new phone, a lot of times your options are pretty slim. The price you save on not having a contract has to be made up somewhere. Which means you are paying full price for that phone.

So you’ve made your decision. You’ve saved up and are all ready to purchase that phone you’ve had your eye on. What are you going to do with your old phone? Sure you can purchase your new phone at your carrier, but what are you going to do with the old one. Unfortunately, you cannot trade it in. They are not going to buy it off of you, they don’t sell used phones. It seems you have hit a brick wall with what to do. Don’t worry friends, Play World has the solution.

Come on in to Play World!

When it’s time to sell your used phone, come on into Play World. We are the area’s leader in quality used electronics. Play World will offer you cold hard cash for that phone when you are done using it. There’s no need to try selling it online. Who wants to pay shipping and fees when Play World is a short drive away. Better yet, use that old phone towards a new one with store credit! We carry the best phones for many of the top carriers unlocked so you can use on other providers as well.

So stop on in at 4801 Peach Street today. Get some extra spending money in your pocket or better yet get yourself a better phone. We’ll see you soon.

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