Classic turntable in at Play World!

In at Play World now is a classic turntable, something that has actually come back in style as of late. This is a new item in stock that comes not only with the classic turntable, but speakers as well.¬†Enjoy your vinyl collection with this Audio-Technica AT-LP60 stereo turntable, which features a switchable phono preamp and RCA output to connect to your computer, home stereo or powered speakers without needing a dedicated phono input. Now this isn’t a dj’s turntable, you cannot mix or scratch with this unit. This is to sit down, put on a classic, and just enjoy the music.

The Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable is small but powerful and features a built-in, user-controlled pre-amp with an RIAA filter. This turntable allows you to enjoy all of those vintage records in your collection, including 33 and 45 rpm speed settings. The Audio Technica AT-LP 60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable features an adaptor to play smaller records, an RCA to mini plug cable and a replaceable conical stylus. The Audio Technica Turntable has a dynamic balanced tone arm with soft dampening control.

AudioTechnica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable:

  • Dynamic balanced tonearm with soft damping control
  • Built-in, user controlled pre-amp with RIAA filter
  • Selectable 33 and 45 rpm speed settings
  • Metal platter, integrated cartridge
  • 14 3/16″ W x 3 13/16″ H x 14″ D
  • Includes 45 RPM adapter, replaceable conical stylus and RCA to mini-plug cable

Don’t forget the records!

Now what’s a turntable without some records?! Also in stock are a few classic LP’s that you might want to pick up as well to complete this package!

Classic Turntable

Here’s Ozzy Osbourne’s second studio album released in 1981, “Diary of a Madman.” This album received very good reviews and is a must for any Ozzy fan!

Classic Turntable

Here is Bob Seger’s second stuio album released with the silver bullet band in 1978, “Stranger in Town.” Also a great classic that would make a great addition to this turntable. Stop by 4801 Peach st. and pick this up before it’s gone!

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