In at Play World now is hard to find Cerwin Vega 12 inch floor speakers. One of the clearest, cleanest sounding CV’s you will ever hear! High end that just screams detail without being harsh or shrilled. Midrange that is so clear and accurate that it jumps out at you as if the performance is right there live in front of you. Bass is so strong, quick, flat and REALLY strong without any roll off. Bass goes straight down, low and mean as if it’s flying off a cliff in an airplane across the valley with a great all-around performance. ALOT of BANG for the buck, here folks. I am a VERY critical listener and the E-312 is one of the best sounding speakers I EVER heard. They are powerful enough, and detailed enough to project every nuance from barely a whisper to the LOUD as ever 300 Watt power handling. This puts them on par with any other speaker costing hundreds or even thousands more. Those high end high dollar speakers are more for the glamour and look because the high cost reflects nothing more than name brand and cosmetics. We at Play World say save you hard earned money and go for the E-312 if you like Bass you can “feel.  These are pretty hard to find nowadays in good condition and we have them in stock at Play World now so you shouldn’t pass them up! Another great holiday gift idea at a price that will help you afford to get the rest of your shopping done as well. Stop by our new location today!!Cerwin Vega Floor SpeakersCerwin Vega Floor Speakers

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