Check this new item in at Play World, the Dromida MT4.18. Tough as the turf it rolls over, the MT4.18 is designed to take all the abuse that you can dish out. It has tough composite parts for durability. A countersunk chassis and front skid plate for sliding over obstacles without hang-ups, plus extra-wide bumpers and oil shocks for softening bumps and post-jump touchdowns.

The Dromida MT4.18 boasts impressive tuning options for an entry level RC. Oil-filled shocks are standard on the truck, and various pre-load clips are included to fine-tune the ride height. Usually RC vehicles in this price range only offer friction shocks, so the oil shocks are a welcome sight. Camber angles can be adjusted all around with the metal turnbuckles.

A waterproof steering servo turns the front wheels and the Dromida features a typical dual bellcrank steering setup. A spring-driven steering servo helps take the stress off the servo, and the spring is on the lighter side, ensuring the maximum longevity of the servo (plus the wheels and tires being so light do not require a heavy servo saver). Plastic, fixed steering links connect the steering components to the steering knuckles via ball cups with a slight toe-in applied (easier to drive for beginners).

The MT4.18 offers a full shaft-driven 4WD setup, very impressive for a truck of this price range. Almost all of the drivetrain components are enclosed within the upper chassis plate, keeping dirt and rocks out. Plastic dogbones power all four wheels and can handle the power of the included brushed motor with ease. Gear differentials transfer the power from the plastic driveshaft in the front and rear, and do not need much maintenance, if any at all. The motor pinion and spur gears are also covered and protected, making the Dromida MT4.18 ideal for any condition.

Dromida MT4.18

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