The Heli Max 1Si presents some features that previous were only available in quadcopters selling for 4 times the cost of the 1Si. These features include return to pilot and actual direction control. The basis for the 1Si’s general control and handling is their proven TAGs-FX Sensor Fusion Technology that automatically makes adjustments to keep the quadcopter stable but allows the pilot full control by instantly responding to the pilot’s command inputs. These features and affordable prices will allow you to experience the fun of flying a quadcopter and a quadcopter that can take both still pictures and shoot video.

The 1Si is a four channel quadcopter that comes with a mode 2 transmitter. The left stick controls throttle and rudder and allows her to climb, lower and hover and turn to face any direction by rotating to the left and to the right. The right stick allows for forward, reverse and side to side movement. That is the basic control but the 1Si offers so much more!

Select Beginner or Expert flight modes from the transmitter. In Beginner mode, releasing the sticks lets the 1Si stabilize itself in flight, perfect for when you’re unsure of how to react. Expert mode turns off the TAGS-FX accelerometers, allowing greater maneuverability. Choose the mode that’s right for you. New pilots enjoy unprecedented confidence, experts gain the precision to execute perfect maneuvers

The Heli Max 1Si Quadcopter is packed with features that make it a perfect beginner quad yet still fun for experienced fliers. It has functionalities that will make the first flights a breeze. The beginner pilot can focus on one parameter at a time, and learn how to control the aircraft better. The helpful features such as the brake and the actual direction control can be disabled as the skills evolve. So stop by today and check out this affordable RC for yourself.

Heli-Max 1Si

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