Another great boat in at Play World is the AquaCraft Mini Thunder. The term “thunder boat” instantly brings to mind the vivid image of a hydroplane streaking across the water at incredible speeds and The Mini Thunder brings that image to life. It’s ready for action right out of the box, and so easy to operate that even a beginner can enjoy the excitement of thunder boat racing. At just over seventeen inches stem to stern, the Mini Thunder doesn’t need a large body of water to deliver thrilling performance!

The Mini Thunder has a lot of great features to offer. It has a mini wedge rudder that cuts deep, giving you tremendous handling authority, but also comes with a breakaway feature that swings it up on impact to prevent serious damage. It also has a Micro drive system and prop that combine for a powerful, efficient performance. The open cockpit comes with a driver, windshield and engine block already molded in. Powerful magnets seal the cockpit to the waterproof battery compartment to keep your electronics dry and the fun going! The 380 motor is water cooled for stronger performance and longer life. The mini steering servo is also compact, durable and easily accessible. The rudder linkage is direct, factory-installed and adjustable for more powerful and precise steering control. Also the included 12VC DC charger lets you recharge quickly at the pond or at the lake shore. And maybe the best part is the Mini Thunder is available on four frequencies, so you can race with up to three friends with ease!

Mini Thunder

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