For that classic collector in your family, here’s an item in at Play World that you don’t want to pass up! Here is a hard to find NES Model 2 Top Loader. If you’re not familiar with this system here is a small break down of what is has to offer.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was released in North America in 1985 and lasted 10 years. Now that is quite a lifespan for a system. It revolutionized and revitalized the home video game market, and firmly put Nintendo on American soil. To follow up, they released the Super Nintendo in 1991 as an answer to the growing popularity of the SEGA Genesis.

The 16 bit era was finally here, but some gamers still preferred the cheaper NES. So in October 1993, Nintendo released the NES 2, Model 101. Most commonly referred to as a Top Loader. It was created primarily to reduce manufacturing costs.

The system has 2 controller ports just like the original, and all the old peripherals such as the zapper gun work as well. The controller however, took a new design. It was given a more rounded look, similar to the Super Nintendo, and is usually referred to as a Dogbone Controller.

The greatest improvement is that the games load on the top now. Remember blowing into the cartridge, catching the game on the edge, pushing down repeatedly only to have that blinking light? This was due to a design flaw in the original NES where when you pushed the game down, the pins that held the game would bend and over time, the metal would get corroded. This would cause the contacts not to read. The NES 2 does not have this problem, and the games were firmly seated on top.

So for this great classic console and more of your favorite classic games, consoles, and accessories, stop by Play World today!

NES Model 2

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