In at Play World is the Shogun 400 micro heli. The Shogun, from Global Hobby’s EF Helicopters brand, is a speed-400 class micro heli designed to get beginners and experts alike into the air quickly. While still primarily an indoor capable machine, the Shogun is a bit larger and more sturdily built than many of the typical micro models. This larger size and heavier weight makes flying out doors easier, especially if there is a bit of wind.

Its Bell-Hiller rotor head features an under slung flybar, with metal flybar arms, and flybar weights (the weights do double duty as mounts for the flybar paddles). The blade grips have leading edge pitch control with a few degrees of delta offset. The one sided mixer arm design has a ratio of approximately 2:1. Pitch control is accomplished via an internal 2mm rod that slides within the hollow and slotted 5mm aluminum main shaft. The pre-installed motor is a plain bushing Mabuchi RS-380PH with an attached ring for improved motor performance. The tail drive is shaft drive type and is supported on both ends by ball bearings. Tail control is a flex cable type that snakes slightly up to the mid frame point.

The Shogun is a great machine to fly and does autorotations quite well. While it certainly doesn’t have the hang time during the flair you get with larger machines, it was very controllable during the descent and the best of any micro heli in the market. The shogun is an impressive micro heli that offers the convenience of a small field heli with the performance of larger machines. All this in a wonderfully pre-built package that is easy to setup for flight. For someone who wants a great performing micro heli and in the air quickly, it is hard to beat the masterful Shogun.

Shogun 400

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