Nintendo fans will love this one. Available now at Play World is the Super Nintendo or SNES at a price that everyone will love. The SNES is Nintendo’s second home console, following the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The console introduced advanced graphics and sound capabilities compared with other consoles at the time. Additionally, development of a variety of enhancement chips (which were integrated on game circuit boards) helped to keep it competitive in the marketplace.

The SNES was a global success, becoming the best-selling console of the 16-bit era despite its relatively late start and the fierce competition it faced in North America and Europe from Sega’s Genesis/Mega Drive console. The SNES remained popular well into the 32-bit era, and continues to be popular among fans, collectors, retro gamers, and emulation enthusiasts.

But it was the games themselves that really defined the Super Nintendo. Technology can only get you so far if the games aren’t any good, and the SNES library is just insane. There’s the epic Super Metroid, an open-world platformer that’s a master class in pacing, level design, and atmosphere.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is a grand, sweeping adventure with a neat time travel mechanic. And SimCity brought the PC town-builder to consoles for the first time, losing none of its depth in the process.

Super Mario World is a staggeringly well-designed platformer, and arguably the best game in the plumber’s long-running series. It came bundled with the console at launch, meaning it was many SNES owners’ first gameā€”and what an introduction.

And Street Fighter II… well, it’s Street Fighter II. The king of fighters. I can’t think of another console that boasts such a broad, varied selection of genuine classics. I haven’t even mentioned Castlevania. Or Mega Man. Or EarthBound. Or Super Mario Kart.

I could go on and on about this system, but why not stop in to Play World today and pick up the system and browse our selection of classic games and enjoy it for yourself!

Super Nintendo

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