RC Cars

RC cars are not just for the kids in your life! Being an adult is a lot of work. You deserve a break! So, stop by Play World today and get yourself the RC car you deserve for all of your hard work. If you don’t have children, you can still enjoy the joys of driving around your dream car or an outstanding piece of technologically advanced automotive. If you do have kids, well the; you have the best excuse in the world to go buy “them” a new toy. we won’t blame you if you have a hard time passing the controller to the kids.

Advanced Electronics

RC cars of today are much more advanced than when you were a child. From the mechanical abilities to the fine details in design; RC cars have come a long way! Take a look at what we have today and you are sure to be impressed with the level of ability some of these cars have! Also, when it comes to makes and models, there is a vast amount of cars available. so while you may not be able to afford that quarter of a million dollar Ferrari you have had your eye on, an RC version of this car is much more affordable.

Ever Changing Options

Looking for new or used RC cars? Come to Play World! We have the area’s best selection of new and used RC cars. Play World offers an ever-changing inventory of cars, trucks, and drones. So, come over and take a look at what we have today, Find a car you love and take home. After you have taken for a spin, continue to stop in and see what’s new. You can begin creating your very own fleet of RC Cars that will make your childhood dreams come true.


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