Incredible 360 Remote Control Excavator

You’ll really dig this remote control excavator that looks and works just like the real thing! It features six powerful motors that push its arms, bucket, treads and more, while the house spins atop its undercarriage a full 360-degrees! Full-size excavators do forestry, demolition, mining and more. This power-packed miniature version puts that strength into the palms of your very hands. It grinds easily through mud, sand and gravel with treads that toss grit like the claws of a bear.

See and Believe

You could take our word for it, which we’re totally for, but here’s a super-cool video for your awe and consideration.

See how it powered through the sand like a rhino on the charge? Or how it turned smoothly toward each target like a T-Rex on the prowl? How it scooped massive loads like an elephant tossing logs? Or how the segments of the arm moved as smooth as a leopard? It’s one big celebration of mechanical art, like a hydraulic sonata in the amphitheater of cool. It’s a modern man-made titan produced at 1:16 scale. It runs on a 7.2V 700mAh 6-cell battery. It’s hot off the line and it’s waiting for you. Do you hear it? That growl? It’s calling your name, like a sword stuck in stone that just wants to play games. So get down here to Play World. We both know you want to. Because, let’s face it: It’s time you added more fun to your life. We hear you. That’s precisely why we’re here. Play World baby. Let’s have some fun.

Remote Control Excavator

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